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Superb weather app

This app is great, all the details, beautiful pics.

Much better than the stock weather app

The app is more precise and way more beautiful than the ios stock app

Nice job

Used to be inside iOS... Theres no more. Nowadays is better than the stock

my weather

very good ! accurate (even in China) and easy to handle

Sehr gut

I use it all the time, find it better than most and free. Why chose another?

Nice app

The app is really good. Unfortunately with the last update I am not able to check the weather at the notification bar and I had to desinstale it twice until it worked again.

App doesnt work Since 2 Weeks or so

No Clouds!!

Why no precipitation map overlay?

I love this app, but Im wondering why there is no precipitation map overlay like you have on other weather apps. Id like to see if its raining, snowing or if its clear, and how the precipitation is moving. Zooming in and out in a precipitation view would be really cool too. The satellite overlay thats currently on the map is of no value, it only shows cloud cover (and not even very well, I might add, its hard to see the clouds because theyre too transparent). So please add a precipitation layer as soon as possible. Thanks.

Still has the ads

Still has the stupid ad at the top and no option to remove the ads via an in-app purchase. Yahoo are missing the trick here, quite mind boggling tbh.

Wish I could pay to remove ad

Beautiful app, but Id love the option to pay to get rid of the ad. The ad is huge and really ruins it for me.

Visually stunning weather reports

This is my favourite weather app. Its just really pleasant to look at with the beautiful pictures from Flickr in the background showing local scenery and the wind mill showing how fast the wind is blowing is too cute. In one glance I know when the sun sets, what the weather feels like with wind chill and humidity factored in. I also really like how it tells me how the weather will change throughout the day so I can decide when will be the best time to go for a run.

becoming a very bad app....

I found its odd to see weather on some of the places I have visited before which I dont want them anymore and it wont let me remove them. Will uninstall it if Yahoo dont fix it.

Great App

I really love this app. Offers accurate weather information, excellent graphics, and best part is, no advertisements!!

Best weather app I have found

Compared to weather network I love this app.

Simple sometimes is better

I always used TWN until their massive update that changed the entire app and cluttered everything making it a pain in the rear to navigate and retrieve the information you want... I like how the upcoming weather shows in C and F, but theres plenty room to have BOTH on the screen at once. That would be absolutely perfect. Cmon Yahoo! Make it happen

Good reliable app for weather!

I have the widget for this app on my iPhone and always defer to it for weather info.

Love it, but...

This is still my favorite weather app, but after using it for several months l hate how a dialogue popped up asking me to sign into Yahoo, for which I did not have an account, nor do I wish to open one up.

Best of a bunch

There are a lot of weather apps. This one is my a mile.

Great App

Very useful and I can access it from the lock screen

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