Yahoo Weather App Reviews

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Excellent app. More city covered by this weather app. and w/ videos on site

Well done

Beautiful widget (which updates). Most importantly, its accurate.

My weather

Love this app

Was awesome, now broken

Have used this application daily for what feels like forever. The past few months have been horrendous however, and now its unusable. It freezes on launch. Wont update. Probably related to an Apple iOS update, so I presume its no longer being maintained?

Clear layout

Very clear layout, elegant app. Easy to use. Friendly "UI", even for first-time users. Replaced Accuweather with this app and I have no regrets!

Works for me. Quite simple, tells me what I need at various locations

Very good, even the ads are not obtrusive


Love this weather app. My fav and Ive tried them all.

Was a good app

Since its been updated the temperatures are totally out to lunch saying Edmonton international Airport and area is -26 when it is really -21 and Grande Prairie AB is -30 when its -21 too it used to be more accurate, the updates have messed it up. Do something about it so I can use it again!

Does what I need

Yahoo get ur privacy straight ya sloppy bastards.

What happened?

Did you forget about this app?

Family Friendly

This app is quick and easy to use giving me the daily info I need. Even better, it lets me see what is happening across the country where different family members are living making me feel connected with them. The pictures of each place in the background make me feel like Im there with them even if for only a moment.

A good basic weather app

I repeat!!! How do you reorder the location list ?????? Still fairly accurate, but how does one edit the list to reposition the locations. Does the job accurately here, with no fuss. Quick to read the weather report displayed, as opposed to some other messy weather app displays.


I love this app, the % rain and longer term forecasts especially. I also like that I can add so many towns and that my small community is listed and it is not in so many others. Only think I would like is if I could have the 10 ft option stay as the default after I choose it. But overall this app suits me perfectly.


Love it Im from the island of st kitts and Nevis and it give me very good weather

Beautiful app

I find this weather app is very attractive and easy to navigate. Sometimes its predictions are off, but I guess thats just Canadian weather for you. Ive tried other apps of this nature, but always come back to this one.

Best looking weather app out there

Looks great, lots of info


Excellent application. I travel in Asia and America and all the weather is quite accurate. Excellent application much better than some other application on the market.

Go to for weather

Usually fairly accurate, easy to read, easy on the eye, good graphics.

Perfect !

A bit laggy sometimes , but over all its a must have !

Wildly inaccurate

Used to be my main weather app but it became really inaccurate a couple years ago. Until this gets fixed, I cant recommend or use it. But it looks pretty.

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