Yahoo Weather App Reviews

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Needs improvement.

It hasnt been accurate for quite some time. The radar map is always clear and needs to be fixed. It also doesnt provide local weather warnings like The Weather Channel app does.

Temperature Only App

The app does a good job on temperature but thats about it. Current weather conditions are usually wrong and the weather radar doesnt work at all.

Radar no longer works

Its hard to say the app is useful when you cant monitor rain or snow! Radar has been down for quite some time. Disappointed.

One of the best

One of the best weather apps in the AppStore!

Freezes and wont delete locations

Awful. I cant delete locations added and it keeps freezing and I cant scroll.


Nice programme but you have to develop it to be accurate thanks alot ❤

Map stopped working

Weather map no longer shows anything. Deleted & reinstalled - no joy. Great app if it works ... if not plenty of others out there.


I can NEVER access the ALERTS for flooding, etc.... Used this constantly for 3 years; now it freezes up (no pun intended) & is essentially USELESS!! And it wont allow me to rate "zero" stars so I suppose I will have to give 1.

very good

Radar map

Radar on map has not shown up past several days.

iPhone 6, iOS 10.2.1

No radar for me also and temps in one section dont match temps listed in other section

4 stars

Not a bad app compare to others.

Terrible. Location, radar, and forecast-1 star

Locations, radar, and forecast are terrible to use. First, location services. The app fails to update my CURRENT location after I return from traveling to various locations. Ill open the app and it still gives me the last location I visited. Even after pulling down to update, all it does is update the weather at THAT location, not MY location. I have to turn off/on CURRENT LOCATION to fix this issue. Radar is slow to update even on a 100 mbps home internet connection. Zooming in on a location is the same issue. Slow and unresponsive. Satellite, heat, and wind radars are useless as they only load a quarter of the map/area I want to see. Forecast are usually off compared to other weather apps and local news outlets. I keep hoping an update will fix these issues but nothing has been done. Im finally fed up with this app and looking for an alternative if these issues can not be resolved. I enjoy the integration of Yahoo weather on the dashboard, but the app itself is rendered useless as long as these issues proceed.

Its crap now

For whatever reason the radar hasnt worked in weeks. Cant really be a weather app without radar. Ive used this app for years and think its time to download a different app. Yahoo doesnt seem interested in fixing the problem although its been reported as a problem by a lot of users.


Not happy at all since I can no longer get precipitation radar. Am now using another site

Wrong information

Ive had to stop using this on my watch. The temperature lately has been very off sometimes as much as 40 degrees. When I look on my phone the temp is accurate but my watch will display a completely different temperature. Its almost as if its displaying the previous days temps.

Good app

Easy to use. Great graphics. WOW!


Really like this app. I like the idea that it will give weather as we travel to each area without having to add to list


Great app. Moving graphics to match weather at all picked locations.

wonderful app!

I love this app for the fairly accurate picture of the weather of the places of interest to me.

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