Yahoo Weather App revisa




Muito bom, imagens espetaculares!!!


Super app!




Super pogodynka.

yahoo meteo

Efficace, completa e gradevole


Buona app


Je recommande


Simplesmente o melhor!!!!

Yahoo tempo

O melhor.


Lindo e funcional


Preciso e eficiente.



Usuńcie te reklamy!!!


App soddisfacente


Centra sempre lobiettivo

Most accurate.

Quick app load and most accurate


!!me gusta muy preciosa.!!


Complete piece of garbage. If and when it works(most of the time says no internet connection available) temperature is way off(30-40 degrees off). Would give zero if possible.

Yahoo weather

Yahoo weather needs an update it’s a good weather app but he can’t track hurricane is not good as the weather Channel it’s not good as the weather underground and needs an update

Good when it works

I used to depend on this app. Great photos. Lately, on my IPhone 6+, it doesn't fire up--I have to repeatedly try again to get info from it. I have removed the app and downloaded it again, but it repeats the same frustrating behavior. It typically takes 3 or more times to get it to work. As others have stated, ads are annoying. So now I rely on the Weather channel app for my weather info. It fires up quickly every time and I paid to remove the ads. Hopefully, you can fix these bugs because the app could be a real winner.

Yahoo weather

I Love yahoo wether


These folks seem to know what I want and have lovely pics and artistic arrangement. I’ve dropped the other apps I’ve tried. I would pay to drop the ads but doesn’t seem to have that option. Otherwise fabulous.

Best I have tried

I must have downloaded and then deleted six or eight weather apps before I settled on Yahoo. It has all the info I need easily accessible, as well as sunrise and sunset times. I recommend it.

Dew point

Good app but need to include dew point other background pictures except farmlands. I used to get cool pictures of our stadium and downtown. Now just boring flat land. FIx it please

السعودية/ الرياض

رائع ومريح سهل الاستعمال

Forecast: Pretty and Sunny

The native weather app is nice if you can’t get your fat rumpus off the couch and look out the gd window. But some of us would like to wear a hat today and want to know what the wind-speeds are like out there. Welp, look no further. Your hat can rest safely upon your dry noggin today.

Weather ☔️

Decent app I just wish they had better pictures of each location, seems each one only has a few:(


Thanks for a good app. The radar is not the best, but for temperatures and photos of landscapes it is wonderful.

Why people hate

It is very useful and detailed and accurate and amazing .other weather apps are bad this one-amazing

Awesome app

Very accurate and easy to use

Always frozen.

I’m using iPhone 8+ with the newest software For the past two months this app has been frozen and I can’t use it. Every two weeks I delete it and download the app again to try to fix it, yet and it still remains frozen 1 of 2 things happen every time I re-download the app. It asks me to turn on notifications every time as soon as I open it I say no half the time the app crashes immediately and the other half the time the app freezes The only reason I keep the app on my phone is to keep this review live if I delete the app this review gets deleted. Frozen again 8/11/18 @ 12:12pm

It works!

Easy to use. Free radar. No hassles. Minimum ads.

Yahoo weather

Love this app, tried many before but had difficulty add cities. Thanks yahoo you make it very easy to follow weather and free👍🏼

Needed removal location

Enjoy checking other location seven shows up with local zip? And just checking no easy way to remove why?

Bye yahoo weather

Used this app for years but I'm deleting as I can no longer stand the constant "hanging". It seems to have gotten worse with each update. Time to find a better designed app.

Really good app

I'm enjoying this app. It provides a wealth of info on weather in my zip. Good job!

Frequent hanging and bad UX

They take a forecast given in metric, convert it to US customary and then convert it back to ridiculous levels of “accuracy” (eg 81F/27.2C). Gives a misleading indication of what the weather will be and reads horribly. Also, the app frequently hangs, especially when pulling data the first time that day (kill and restart, then it loads properly).


Radar stinks. We were having 2" of rain last night in a driving TStorm. Radar didn't even show that storm over our Town....showed it was many miles away from us!

Update probs

Yet another update. Still doesn't work.

This app is now annoying

I am going to stop using this app. It used to be my go to for weather. The ad in the middle of scrolling down has become way too annoying.


My go to weather app.


Had app since iphone 4 and it had been vary useful app but now its becoming out of sync with time Its changing my cities to barcelona or other cities and becoming buggy yahoo please fix your weather app

Very happy

So far I like it very much .

Fix the screen freeze

I love this app. The pictures are beautiful and detail of information is great. However, the screen ALWAYS FREEZES and the pictures don’t come up or change. Also, lose the ads. It would be five star if you make these long over due, much needed changes! You should be ashamed for not fixing these problems!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!! FIX THIS APP! All my selections have changed, and I can’t put them back on as your STUPID APP says I already have them. Can’t you get some competent technicians to address these many problems⁉️

Boring scenery

Holtsville has better scenery then a open field with nothing in it.


......which I appreciate greatly. TWC app crashed or froze up on me every time I blinked. Thank you Yahoo!

Love this!

Love this app and the different photos of all the cites I look up!


I have tried 20 weather apps and I deleted all already. Now I have used this app for a year

A well designed weather app.

It did not win the  design awards for no reason. The iOS 7 weather app got inspiration from this. It has a nice balance of beauty and functionality. It also looks fantastic on the ⌚️. Only criticism: Watch app does not update often and when it does it is quite slow to update. I have three cities added to the app. The watch app also looks beautiful.

Yukon Wealth Report

I have just started using this app and it really gives me updated weather forecast for all of the cities I have picked out, plus it also gives me great graphics and pictures of each of the cities I have picked out. Also gives me the weather for the next week, with highs and lows of temperatures, wind, rain or shine, and especially humidity levels. I am really enjoying this weather app, and will gladly give it five stars. Redriderjr

Where do they get readings from?

The temp where I live I Gilroy is often 20 degrees off from what they say it is. Weather underground is sooo much better.

This app is crap!

This app is crap! It has been consistently off by 4 to 5 to 6 degrees almost every damned day during this heat wave over the last three weeks in the 90804 (Long Beach, Ca) area. I have an English Mastiff that CANNOT take the heat so I am running my AC almost 24/7 because this damned app says 83, and then it turns out to be a 90 degree day!!!! I can’t afford to be running my AC 24/7, not to mention it’s environmentally irresponsible. So now I have the Accuweather and Weather Underground apps which are much more accurate! This one is getting deleted!

This is my go-to weather app

Visually appealing. I like the breakdown of weather by hour. Easy to view up to 10 days of wether. Other features include a view of sunrise and sunset times, humidity, etc. I especially like the short verbal summary of the day's weather. While the weather reports are not always 100% accurate, I have found it to be as accurate as any other weather app or TV report.

Great app!!!

Now that you can remove stock apps in iOS 10, I've removed the stock weather app and now use this as my stand alone weather app. And the Apple Watch app for is awesome too! Love the animations. The only info I wish it REALLY had as well, it's tide info. That way I'd have everything I needed.


It the best of the iOS weather apps and it freezes a lot

Tempature Variance

The thing is I prefer the yahoo weather app layout over every other weather app. But the temp always varies by up to 5-6 degrees than what is is being posted locally (NWS,Airport,etc). The app does not indicate where they get their data from. Is it guesstimated? I’ll stop using the app if data not reliable.

Beautiful app

The pics are great and this app makes checking the weather fun and pretty.

A lot advertising

A lot advertising

Great App

Look no further for an App, this one has it all, swipe to your next saved location and get the details you need to know just like your home location. Thank you, Yahoo


Glitchiest app I have ever used. Hardly ever works. When it does, gives totally contradictory information. For example, the daily overview will say 100% chance of rain, then the hour by hour forecast will show 0% chance each hour. Multiple times, it will actually BE RAINING but it still says 0% chance of precipitation. What a joke. Several other weather apps have more accurate info. I also hate that it gives weather description for today only. Nothing noted for future other than a high temp. I’ll be deleting this ridiculous app.

Better now

This app works one day, and the next it’s totally frozen up. I’m moving on.


I dont know other great weather apps, but so far its the best for me


Hate them . Can’t see the weather

Used to be good but not anymore

I used to love this app but it no longer shows radar. I have to go to my local tv station app to see local radar map. Because of it I don’t use it as much and might just remove it.

Best weather app became the worst with newest update

The yahoo weather app used to be my absolute favorite - but some marketing folks (I'm sure it was them) thought it would be cool to have a line graph to show weather, and go from hourly increments to 3 hour increments. So unhelpful. Bring back the hour increments and get rid of the line graph.

Don’t waste your time

When it’s not FROZEN or CRASHING it NEVER FIGURES out my LOCATION even with full access to my constant location at all times. It’s well designed but not well maintained by yahoo. Plz work on this yahoo.

Great weather app!

I have tried multiple and while no weather service accurate all the time, this one is far accurate on a consistent basis then others. This is one of the first apps I get every time I get a new phone.

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