Yahoo Weather App revisa




Muito bom, imagens espetaculares!!!


Super app!




Super pogodynka.

yahoo meteo

Efficace, completa e gradevole


Buona app


Je recommande


Simplesmente o melhor!!!!

Yahoo tempo

O melhor.


Lindo e funcional


Preciso e eficiente.



Usuńcie te reklamy!!!


App soddisfacente


Centra sempre lobiettivo

Most accurate.

Quick app load and most accurate


!!me gusta muy preciosa.!!


Ever since the last update this app stopped freezes on startup, running iOS 11.4, on iPhone SE.


The app now reaches the high temperature and freezes there with the temperature no longer updating

Was amazing but ...

I saw the developers speak a few years ago. I was totally impressed with this weather app, but recently they’ve added ads in with the weather. On the iPad the ad ends up filling the screen as you scroll down. Total sell out.

Beautiful app - unless at high latitudes

Beautiful app, for sure. But I currently live in Reykjavik, and the app has decided day is now night, literally. Once the sun started setting past midnight, the app now says that 12 am is sunrise, and says the moon is out currently at 9:45 am. It also shows the sun out at 2 am. Very annoying. Fix this!

Always wrong

It’s 10pm, says 102 degrees when it’s 87. The screen shows a starry night sky by it says sunny.


A weather app is worthless if the temperature prediction is off by 7-10 degrees. Such is the case with every other app. Storm, et. al. had all the lovely bells and whistles. But something happened to accuracy. And their successor apps simply became more arcane and remained grossly inaccurate. So here I am.

All we need to know, almost

Thorough, accurate and detailed in a clearly organized layout. Only requests are a more interesting picture of our town, Davenport, Iowa, and a place where we can check the previous few hours of weather to answer questions like, “Did it rain last night? How much?” Thanks for your consideration.

Very accurate

If you want to know about rain , wind spread or if it will be windy this app is right on point.

Great app .

Highly recommend👍🏽

Not impressed

Winds are always wrong on the actual and forecast

Best weather app hands down!

Traveling from city to city across the globe...or just headed to the next town? This app has you covered as far as accurate and detailed weather in a simple, simple interface 😊☀️

Better now

This app was working just fine. Suddenly a big white box ( that never loaded) would come up. I couldn't get in. Finally I took the app off and reloaded, now it's working again. I hope it continues to work.

20 Deg. Difference

This app is reporting the temps 20 deg cooler than it should and has been for some time. What’s up with that??? Does me no good.


All I needed to know was, do I bring a rain coat or sunscreen. This app is uncluttered, simple and all I need when I travel. Thank you. West Coast person.

WEATHERing At Large!

I do extremely like this “Yahoo Weather” as my own weather station and won’t be any inconvenience to pay up my ante just to download it to my devices for the great use of myself and my family. Ex animo, Alexis Bernabe. Ps. Congratulation!!! It’s a kudos for all involved plus a treat to us. KUTGW.


Very easy to read, useful information combined with beautiful pictures. Best weather app available


Love love love it everything I need or want 5 stars


I searched for an app for recording my daily rainfall and this app came up, but it doesn’t do anything like that. Deceptive app.

Constantly freezing on startup

This would EASILY be a five star app. From design to features, it would be the best out there. But it constantly freezes as soon as it opens. It works about 2 out of 5 times, so it gets two stars.


Very nice app, but inaccurate. There’s not a rain cloud in site but it’s gonna rain today according to yahoo weather. Weather channel shows otherwise. Sometimes just gotta stick with the old.

What I need

It gives me exactly what I need in an easy way to understand.

Delete a location

Hardest App. To used


Terrible yuk

Freezing on starting app: Sick and tired of it!

The app freezes on starting up. It HAD BEEN my go-to weather app. But recent versions seemed to be poorly coded. Now I am going to delete It app and use something else.

Like a cartoon app.

Mostly useless. Am going to delete.

Best weather App & it's free!

JThis is the best weather App that I have found anywhere for everywhere. Works great with both my iPhone and iPad devices. It provides a significant amount of details about the weather yet it's simple to use. It's a free App to download and use so the ads are there but don't interfere with the user experience. I don't remember ever giving a free A Five stars but because it does everything very well!

Very well organized

I have tried many weather apps over the years but I have finally settled on the Yahoo weather app. It gives me all of the information which I need in one place. Works very well with both iPad and iPhone.

Needs active live radar sweep.

Good basic weather.. i would add to the radar map the option to 2have live radar sweep and storm track it would be a great service for those in tornado alley. The loop radar doesn’t provide time sensitive data. The STORM app use to do live active sweep radar not any more they did away with it on the forced upgrade iMay 2018., now their app is just a loos. Like everyone other app. You want to be the primer weather app add live active storm tracking weather to the map so people can zoom into a towns streets to see if the storm hail , tornado is tracking toward their location, this would be a life saving feature. Where as the loop is useless in those situations. .

Great app!

After weather channel upgraded it’s app, it was terrible, took forever to download. Looked at various apps and tried this one. Gives me all I need to know and the ads are hardly noticeable. Use it everyday and am very pleased with it.

Great app

I have looked for something for awhile and this seems to be the best for me.

App Is Fine

Nice graphically. App is great. iPad is garbage!


The first thing every morning I look at your Yahoo weather app. I love it‼️ It has every aspect: The day’s weather and the next 9 days. It has the weather for the day with the temperature, the high and low for the day and that night’s weather, the wind level, the humidity, everything. I showed it to all the people at my office, too, and now everyone is as addicted to the Yahoo! Weather as I am. Please keep up the great work.

Ummm it’s not that hot.

Yahoo weather currently thinks it is 117 F in Davis Ca. It’s actually only around 60. I’ve tried refreshing the app but it still shows in triple digits. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

One suggestion

Sunrise and sunset in the notifications (widget) otherwise great; straight to the the point concise and most informational and relevant. I hope you consider my request. Others to would find it helpful.

Yahoo Weather

I gave a five star rating because, the accuracy for my area, Galena, Ks, is very good. Everything works and I am happy with this app, good work to all the people at Yahoo.

Terrible at forecasting

No idea where it sources it’s data from, but in my area it’s terrible at forecasting the weather. All predictions - even short-term ones -are plagued with considerable error.

Unable to Move Around After Update

UI is not responding on load.

Doesn’t work.

I don’t know what’s up with this app but it hardly ever works for me, on every start up the app hangs, and the few times it does work the weather forecast is not accurate at all.

Yahoo weather

I Love yahoo wether

I used to love this app

Used to love this shop but more it constantly freezes. Not worth the aggravation.


رائع وسهل ، الله يعطيكم العافية

Clear, clean app!

Looked for a new ap when my old ones “ improved”. The Yahoo weather is easy to use, the info is what you need without a lot of extra things you don’t.

Only Missing One Thing

Splendid app! Aesthetically pleasing design and great radar. Only thing I *wish* they would add to this is Dew Point. That’s important for summer. It’s in place on the iPad, not iPhone however. Otherwise would have given 5 stars.

Not working after last update

Was great until last update. The weather doesn’t show anymore.

Love this app

I really like the graphics, how it estimates the chance of rain and the radar. The only thing I really miss is the look ahead radar. Another thing would to be able to slow the radar animation down. Maybe I have just missed it. Overall it is better than some others I have looked at.

Excellent radar

Love this app. Neat wind turbines graphic that appear to actually increase and decrease speed according to the speed. I also love the fully functioning animated radar. The Weather Channel one never worked on my iPad so I finally switched. Very happy I did. 👍🏼

Well put together

One of the better apps relating to the weather. It's uncluttered, easy to read and intuitive to navigate. It's easy to add other cities and appears to be reasonably accurate. I would recommend this if you don't need the fancy bells and whistles the other weather apps have.

My “Go To” weather app!

I love the graphics and details. The forecasts seem more accurate than the ones available on other apps.

Great looking app

Looks great and has great features but I find it freezes all the time. This has been happening for A LONG Time so I’m not sure it will ever be fixed. As well the app doesn’t update properly on my Apple Watch. Super disappointing since this is my favorite and the best looking weather app.

Getting worse and worse

The app used to be ok in the past. For now it’s getting worse every update. The map doesn’t work and does not show and clouds winds or temperature. Sometimes it depends to load he map but only a couple of squares are shown up. Useless at the moment. Nothing is correct. And terrible hat yahoo has no customer service etc. only a “forum” where people can post something but no one at yahoo will read it. Terrible!!!!!

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